Friday, March 1, 2019

A case that suggests we are on the verge of a new liturgy war

Fr Edwin Dwyer looks like he stepped out of a time machine. With his shaved head, thick red beard and piercing blue eyes, he may very well have celebrated Mass on one of the cold stone altars of medieval England. Like so many young priests, he clearly has no interest in merely blending in among his flock in Bay City, Michigan.

There’s a paternal authority in his bearing that surpasses his 36 years. He’s a priest of Christ’s Holy Church, and he certainly looks the part. Yet Fr Dwyer, who used to serve as parochial administrator for Our Lady of Peace parish in Bay City, was removed on January 30 by Bishop Walter Hurley, the apostolic administrator of Saginaw. The reason? “He brought in a style of worship that many people found very difficult,” according to Bishop Hurley.

[Read more at the Catholic Herald]

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