Thursday, July 4, 2019

The Catholic school that would make Socrates proud

Thank God for homeschoolers. As America’s public school system continues to collapse, and even parochial schools grow more expensive as they become less faithful, many Catholics find they have no recourse but to take the burden of their children’s education upon themselves. It’s well worth their effort, of course – but it can be just that: a burden.

What’s more, the Church teaches very clearly that homeschooling, while sometimes necessary, is far from ideal. “Parents are the first educators, not the only educators, of their children,” according to the Compendium to the Social Doctrine of the Church. “It belongs to them, therefore, to exercise with responsibility their educational activity in close and vigilant cooperation with civil and ecclesial agencies.”

But what if you could take the virtues of homeschooling – the deep religious character, classical curriculum and strong parental involvement – with a traditional school environment? That’s where Regina Pacis Academy comes in.

[Read more at the Catholic Herald.]

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